Whole – August 21st 2018

Staying centered and grounded within yourself can sometimes be challening. Many of us at times start to associate emotions, circumstances or things with our own essence. Our own well being and emotional state become affected by this.

Today’s draw is a beautiful and comforting reminded that your job, relationships, circumstances, financia or social status don’t ralle make you whole. You are already whole as you are. You came into this world with your soul and its earthly vessel.

What you need to find peace, balance, joy, happiness, growth is within, all of these things and so much more, make a part of that whole but only you have a choice over what you give importance too. Ask yourself what gives or takes from you feeling this wholeness within, maybe there’s an adjustment that needs to be made deep down on a subconscious level.

If you don’t feel whole unless you have financial stability, see if you can identify what the cause of it is.

If you only feel whole when you’re dating someone or in a relationship, go deep and find the reason behind that. And so on…

Observe and reflect on what things make you feel whole and see if they come from within or if they’re external.

Whatever it is, this is a reminder, a strong one, that you already have everything you need: you. 💙

Repeat this to yourself whenever you feel the need to:

I am whole.
I am loved.
I am enough.
I am infinite.

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