Weekly Self-care – March 28th to April 3rd

Energy never lies, and I find it absolutely magical that this self-care card also resonates with the Weekly Message.

This week we may have to be extra mindful of our mental speed. We might be having so many thoughts about so many different things that we can become flustered or unfocused. One of the best ways to handle that in a productive way is to take a moment to quiet down our monkey minds and just BE

Meditation is something that greatly helps with managing stress, keeping our focus, reinforcing being present and getting some much needed oxygen into our bodies. 

I know that it’s hard in the daily grind to find the time to do this, and even as you’re reading this you may think “Well, my week is swamped, and I just don’t have the time.” I hear you. That’s me on a lot of days. However, to me, meditating is not just something that’s done while sitting down with a long guided meditation or chanting Om or with a frequency or app. 

Meditation is a state of being. For example; if you’re riding in the car with someone and you find yourself just sitting in silence as you watch the world go by through your window without having any thoughts in your mind; merely observing… that’s a form of meditation. Or when you take your shower in the morning, instead of running through all the things on your to-do list of the day, focus on what you’re feeling, the soap on your skin, how it feels when you massage your scalp, the warmth of the water and how it feels on your skin. That can be a different kind of meditation and it helps pull you back into the present moment. 

Any moment you can find this week to just completely allow yourself to be and not think, resets your brain. 

Of course, if you want to go with traditional meditation techniques such as going through a full guided meditation, then that’s wonderful! Meet yourself where you currently are, and be realistic. If you can only spare the minutes in your shower, do that. If you have more time to put into it, do it. There is no golden rule for bringing yourself back into the present. 

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