Weekly Self-care – April 4th to 10th

This week, our self-care message is a gentle nudge to be slightly more organized than we usually are and to literally visualize our goals. It’s a reminder to not be afraid to let ourselves speak what we want into existence and find practical ways to take step towards that.

While it’s wonderful to have our minds full of dreams and our hearts filled with intentions, we can also benefit from having a little structure in our daily lives, goal plans and a little discipline to follow through. 

The Abundance Planning, card to me, signifies not only the financial aspect that immediately comes to mind, but its deeper meaning.

While it works wonders to be organized with your finances, this planning can also mean identifying targets or goals that allow us to let those other areas of abundance be expanded. For us to reach completion on a goal or dream, we have to use both belief and action. Intentions set the tone, feeling, and experience we desire but our actions are what improve or diminish the possibility of it becoming attainable. this week’s planning is about just that; the action.

If abundance to you means that you’d like to feel more gratitude in your life to raise your vibration and improve your overall state, then you could use the time to journal and make bullet points of how you could attain that in a practical way and gain clarity on potential challenges or possibilities that you face. The same applies if you’re looking to feel abundance in calmness or peace. Find practical habits to include in your daily life that will allow you to feel that tranquility within, regardless of how much noise there is on the outside. 

Of course, there’s the financial and security aspect of abundance. What are some of those actions you would have to take and what habits would you have to change to materialize this abundance in your life? Does it have to do with spending? Does it have something to do with limiting beliefs or staying in your safe zone?

I always find that writing things down give me a lot more clarity than just running through things in my mind. It gives you the opportunity to actually see all of those things compiled and identify what works best for you.

Make it a ritual, if that sets a more inspired mood for you. Play your favorite tunes, sing out loud, be joyful, goofy and have a good time planning. Allow yourself to be excited about it! Burn some incense, pour yourself some wine or some tea, take out your favorite abundance crystals and program them for your next goals. 

Feel it in your heart and be ready to take action on what you think up this week!

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