Weekly Self-care – April 25th to May 1st

Did you know that the Earth’s electricity charge is what helps stabilize our body and mind? Our bodies need certain settings to be at an optimal level, since we can also be referred to as bioelectrical beings. Our bodies can become destabilized and this causes imbalances both in the body and mind, which you guessed it… affects our overall state and experiences. 

Grounding exercises have become more and more popular with good reason. 

This practice not only helps with maintenance for our physical vessel but to our brains. Grounding has a proven significant impact.

This week, this in mind and test it out if you can! It may sound silly to walk around your yard barefoot or meditating outside but the effects can be quite visible. You don’t even need a special kind of meditation to do this, you can sit down and close your eyes and just take notice of everything around you; pay attention to the sounds, the smells, the temperature, the feeling of the wind on your skin, the moisture of the soil, feel your entire body and its weight connecting you to the Earth.

Pay attention to every single detail that you can as you breathe in and out and you’ll see it almost automatically puts you in a meditative state. No guided meditation needed.

If you want an extra visualization, what I try to do is give dense energy a color. I imagine a kind of black smoke coming out of my most tense areas, or any dense feelings, see them as smoke that slowly exits your body and goes back into the ground until you’re surrounded by a white glow. 

Notice how you feel before and after this practice and see the difference for yourself.

So, play with water, walk on soil or grass, try a visualization, lay on the ground, whatever resonates most with you but recharge your electrical system so you don’t malfunction during the week!

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