Weekly Self-care – April 18th to 24th

What a treat this week’s self-care message is!

This is something that I myself struggle with sometimes. Not only the making time to cook, but the choosing meals that are actually nurturing and healthy.

What I constantly tell myself when I feel I’m regressing to cooking whatever (or ordering whatever) the current hankering is this: You wouldn’t expect a car to run on cooking oil instead of engine oil, would you? I guess it may work for a little bit in the short run but be sure it would lead to a total breakdown. To me, it’s kind of the same when it comes to what we put in our bodies.

this week, I invite you to really be mindful of what you’ll choose to nurture your body. Now, I am, by no means the person to tell you to just eat healthy. I like my chocolate chip cookies and drinking coke (unfortunately). What I can tell you is how I’ve tried to make improvements in this culinary mindfulness.

If what you lack is time to think, in the moment, about what to cook, you can try to plan ahead and make a weekly menu for what you want to make. You choose the difficulty of the recipes, the cooking times and the kind of ingredients you need. This helps a lot with not overspending at the grocery store or throwing away a bunch of expired or rotten foods that no one ate.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, my favorite go-to is Pinterest. I browse and catalog according to what I know I should be eating for the week and try out recipes. If you want to see my Food Love board, you can click here

If you can, be mindful and present when you sit down for a meal too. Amazingly enough, we nurture our bodies more when we avoid working, watching TV or doing any other activity while eating. It allows us to be fully present and savor every bite, even throw in some intentions or affirmations before the meal!

Get creative and get cooking!

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