Weekly Self-care – April 11th to 17th

This week, our weekly Self Care message encourages us to focus on how we’re using our most important resource of all: Our Energy.

The Energy Work card comes at a time in my own life that I, quite honestly, needed the reminder. We as people, with the “help” of modern technology, have been becoming busier and busier, making time for every commitment in our schedules, but often at the expense of our own energy. It’s an easy thing to do for so many reasons. We’re constantly reminded of deadlines, appointments, and commitments by external factors, meanwhile our own energies are taking the hit, under the radar. 

The fact that no one is telling you that your energy is “off” doesn’t make it trivial and there’s a very high likelihood that the imbalance is manifesting itself in very real ways. Being aware of what high and low energy actually feels like is the first step in honing your ability to adjust it, and being able to properly identify where our energies are strong and where they are lacking gives us more control of what we’re presenting and how we’re presenting it to the outside world.

The flow of energy is, by nature, cyclical in movement. As a visual representation, consider frequency. Is yours steady in movement through the ups and down? Or is it erratic, up and down at unpredictable intervals? 

Here are a few ways that you can tell if it’s time to lighten the external load and make time to do the work within.

Root Chakra
An imbalance of the Root Chakra can be seen in your sense of overall safety and security. This chakra, as the name suggests, hits at the very base of who you are. If you notice that your anxiety level is constantly higher than it should be, if you feel a sense of separation from the rest of your tribe, or if you simply feel uneasy while going about your normal routines, these are indications that there may be work to do in this area.

Sacral Chakra
An imbalance of the Sacral Chakra can be seen in how we perceive and convey intimacy. Yes, sexual intimacy is at play here, but it’s “intimacy” on a broader scope. An imbalance here will likely hinder the way we foster our love relationships in the way we’re able to give and accept love. These issues can lead to a feelings of isolation, unacceptance, or an inability to really show our love to someone. If you’re experiencing these challenges or you’re feeling creatively blocked on a project or a venture that should otherwise flow through you, these could be signs that your Sacral Chakra is unbalanced. 

Solar Plexus Chakra
An imbalance of the Solar Plexus Chakra will appear in the way you see yourself, and if it’s off, it is going to hit hard. It doesn’t announce its imbalance, but you’re likely to be saying very unkind things to yourself regardless of the external results of your efforts. You’ll feel this imbalance in your confidence, self-worth, and self-empowerment areas. We all have our own voice in our heads. We’re telling ourselves how the day has gone and how’s it’s going to go, and we’re narrating these adventures with subjection. If the voice in your head is beating you down no matter how hard you try to turn it around, pleeeeaase check in with yourself at this chakra.

Heart Chakra
An imbalance of the Heart Chakra can be seen in the way we make space for our own emotions and the emotions of others. The effects can be subtle and long-term. Pay attention to the way you allow yourself to feel things. This has to do with your own feelings and your empathy towards the feelings of others. An inability to emotionally engage with a loved one when they need support; the inability to be honest with yourself about your own pain because you don’t want to acknowledge its existence; the impulse to gaslight yourself or someone else to minimize the emotional pain….these signs of denial are detrimental to our relationships with others and ourselves. The need to keep emotional vulnerability at a safe distance is a sign that your Heart Chakra needs attention.

Throat Chakra 
 An imbalance of the Throat Chakra can be seen in the way we manage our self expression, or in the way we don’t. As social creatures, the responsibility exists for each of us to help, and not hurt each other with our words. This imbalance can find a person holding onto their thoughts, beliefs, or needs, even when the situation warrants and would be helped by their input. It can feel as though you’re choking on your words, when they would have been beneficial to hear. This also makes it very difficult to express your personal needs as well, when voicing them could make all the difference. On the other side of the coin, this imbalance can also be found in your inability to JUST. SHUT. UP. This is the balance. It’s a balance between helping and hurting. The truth is a good thing, but not all truth is beneficial to the recipient. If you find yourself feeling compelled to speak your beliefs and opinions in ways that run the risk of being hurtful, this is also a sign that there’s an opportunity for improvement in this area. 

Third Eye Chakra 
An imbalance in your Third Eye Chakra can manifest itself in the way you see the unseen. I know that sounds a little bit out there, but stay with me. We’ve talked about the voice in our heads that narrates our day. But this is about the voice in our heads that keeps us out of sticky situations when the vibe just isn’t right. “Vibe” has been used in many contexts, now people are using it to describe something that’s simply good. That’s actually not too far off though from what I mean here. Our judgment. Our discernment. The untold knowledge of when to walk away from a situation and when to walk further into one. This is our ability to see the unseen. This imbalance can find you in the wrong workplace, relationship, or group of friends. We all have an ability to perceive red flags that aren’t explicitly announced, and a little intuition can go a long way. If you’ve found yourself in a sea of red flags without realizing it, your third eye chakra needs to be balanced. 

Crown Chakra 
An imbalance of the Crown Chakra can be identified in the way we accept the unseen. We’ve all had dips in our faith throughout our existence. It can be tempting to take on a very “what you see is what you get” mentality in the face of so many voices repeating it as a mantra. In today’s time, humanity tries to believe that it’s all been discovered and there are no more mysteries to be pondered. This imbalance can cause a person to become spiritually off-kilter and begin to take on the belief that we live in a purely physical world with no room for magical things or higher power(s). If you have found yourself leaning toward the dogmatic subscription to the philosophies listed above, and if you feel closed off to the idea that there could possibly be anything higher or even tangential to it, these are indications that your Crown Chakra isn’t balanced. 

Always remember that we always have resources and tools to help us through this process of awareness. Healing therapies, crystal therapy, yoga, and meditation are just a few ways to address issues you are facing. And last but not least, eat the rainbow! Paying attention to the fuel that our bodies are receiving is absolutely key in the way it will operate. 

Pay attention to all parts of yourself, give yourself a break both physically and emotionally, and remember that as long as you’re working on yourself, you’re doing great! 

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