Weekly Message – October 23rd to 29th 2017

This past week had some strong, intense and groundshaking energy coming into our lives. I’ve seen the Death card so much and have noticed it has also been coming up for so many other readers. This only confirms for me, that change really IS in the air right now and not just in my case. 

You may still be feeling that loss or disappointment. Perhaps things didn’t work out quite as you had imagined or at all. Maybe you’ve lost a little hope around something and you can’t seem to get it back. The 5 of water lets me feel that there is sadness and a lot of emotion this week. Feelings of loss, disappointment, grief, lack, or just a mix of too many feelings. If you focus on what no longer is and what you no longer have, the more likely these feelings will linger. 

Change is hard sometimes, not to mention scary but most of the time necessary and inevitable. The way I see it, there’s 2 possible energies this week; either you allow yourself to sulk and grief for longer than you should or you channel the energy from the Queen of Swords and become objective. Allowing you to make clear and confident decisions, taking back that power into your own hands, facing the truth even if it is a little uncomfortable, and most important of all, moving into a place of strength and hope.
You CAN do this. We will all be fine. Believe it.
Which energy do you feel resonating for you?

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