Weekly Message – March 28th to April 3rd

Another week is upon us, and I hope this past week was very productive and joyful for every one of you. 

This week’s energy reading calls us to not give in too much to the “movies” we create in our minds, whether they be about what could happen or what could have happened. We can miss a lot of opportunities by not being present and seeing things for what they are in this moment. In order for us to gauge our next steps, seek opportunity, or even look ahead, we have to have full awareness of where we are now.

Take a look inside and around you. How are you feeling in this moment? Are you becoming anxious by thinking about X scenarios that have not come to pass but feel real? Are you acknowledging the emotions that you’re currently going through? Are you letting fear-based thoughts linger more than creative ones? How could you take more advantage of your present?

In every single moment of our life, we have a choice. A choice to live our day based on expectations and illusions, our “movies”, or the choice to recognize blessings that we currently have that we can use to our gain. If we choose to keep one foot in the present while having the other in our future, we need to be sure to allow thoughts that help us, add to our experience and/or to find resolution or aid us in planning. 

A lot of times, we are looking forward to “something”, and we sort of lose perspective on how far we’ve already come or how much we’ve already achieved. Now, this isn’t to say that there’s no work to be done, but we can stop for a moment and enjoy the little spot we have brought ourselves to. 

If you feel yourself rushing to something this week, remember to take a moment and just be present; present with your partner, with your loved ones, at work, at home and in every area of your life. Enjoy how far you’ve made it and keep your mind less cluttered with fear and anxiety.

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