Weekly Message – March 21st to 27th

This week’s energy reading brings forth grounding and connecting on deeper levels. Not only to our Mother Earth but to a deep place within ourselves. 

We’re surrounded by so much noise and distraction, so constant and deafening; whether it’s our own thoughts, the external noise, our jobs, our busy to do lists and technology that we become so disconnected from nature, and ourselves so we can become unsettled and edgy.

This energy is inviting us to put that on pause for a moment, even if it’s just 5 minutes in your day, to just connect to the Earth, to ground yourself and slow down. Overall this month, and especially this week, there may be surges of grounding energy that will give us a sense of stability and allow us to secure our footing in the path we’re currently on. If we’re living a super fast paced life, we might miss something important to us or become very unbalanced, which can affect our perspective and the way we make decisions. 

If you feel ungrounded and scattered, and you have the means and opportunity to go outside, to literally ground yourself on the Earth, I highly suggest you do. Lay on the ground, focus on your breathing, pay attention to what you feel. How does the ground feel? Is it warm? How do you feel in it? What smells can you identify? Turn your head while you’re on the ground and listen to the Earth. If you’ve had a lot on your plate recently, try to visualize all that tension and stress as if it were dark smoke, identify where it is and start to move it back into the earth. See it slowly exit your body and go back into the ground, little by little. Don’t forget to take long deep breaths while you do this as it will allow your body to receive more oxygen. Allow yourself to feel your weight and feel like you’re melting into the ground.

If you can’t go outside, you can still do all of this from the comfort of your home, although I would recommend you do this on the floor. Another visualization I love is standing on the ground or on the floor barefoot and seeing in your mind’s eye, how that dense energy starts to descend from your crown to your feet and back into the ground, leaving you feeling lighter and centered. 

The Starseed Oracle has a very special meditation made for this particular card and you can find it here. Scroll down until you see the download section.

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