Weekly Message – March 12th to 18th 2018

Well well well… look at the beautiful energies rising this week to support. Who’s as excited as I am?

Normally, some people become a little uneasy when the death card appears in a draw or a reading but it’s not such a grim card after all, especially when combined with the manifesting power and magic of The Magician!

This week, the energy is bubbling and encouraging you to create! What are you bringing or wishing to bring into your life? Something is transforming and opening up that path for you to do so. The Universe is providing fresh ideas and opportunities.

With the New Moon also coming this week, this is a magnificent time to really set those intentions wholeheartedly, with confidence and belief. Not just that, but to really think about those actions or decisions that will get you there. Perfect time to plan new endeavors or projects. If you currently have a project that was just not resonating, it may be possible that a change in perspective or direction will give it a new breath of life.

The death card doesn’t always means that something ends or dies. This can also signify that it ceases to exist the way it is now but rebirth and renewal is possible. Change.

This change can also be for more personal things like habits, ideas or ways of being. So don’t be surprised if you’re daring to improve yourself, your diet, habits, mental structures or even relocating to a better place!

This week, I feel brings a joyful and inspired energy that will keep you on the right track. This is the perfect energy to gain momentum before Mercury goes retrograde next week.

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