Weekly Message – February 5th to 11th 2018

You might need to have your energy grounded and focused this week. The Five of Fire shows that change is most definitely coming and you could be experiencing some sort of conflict or disagreements (whether it be with yourself or with others). For some of you, it may be difficult to make a decision in regards to personal relationships or circumstances. For others it could mean obstacles and resistance when it comes to reaching your goals.

Being clear on what your goals and especially your truth, will help you manage these energies in the best way.

Allow yourself to be open to new and different approaches to what circumstances you might be facing. Be kind, to yourself and others, since we’re each going through something. Try not to succumb to ego and blame, this will only create more tension and conflict. Protect your energy, but do it in a mindful, kind and compassionate way. What you say and how you say it will be very important this week.

No matter how hard things get, you will always find a lesson behind it, if you open yourself up to see it.

– Moon Siren

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