Weekly Message – February 12th to 18th 2018

This week’s predominant energy will continue to shine light on the lasting foundations you’re building for your life. Who you are and what you want/ don’t want in your journey.

A lot has been purged and identified in the past few weeks, not a surprise in Eclipse Season. Many important questions and emotions have been surfacing to shine that light on what it is that you want to bring in. Whether it’s something emotional or a big life change, something will be transformed.

Making plans, setting intentions and goals are on your mind this week. Many paths will be available to you at this time. With this grounding energy, you’ll be able to contemplate on which one serves you the best. What you are currently resonating with holds many answers.

You’re more likely to be interested in lasting solutions and foundations than short-term, narrow minded options. You know by now, what you stand for, what your truth is and how you want that to influence your life.

This week we also have the presence of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon. Talk about new beginnings!

Out with the old, in with the new. A new you, a new life, A new project, a new partner… it may not be a drastic change for everyone but, no matter the area that’s being affected, it will definitely open the door for new energy and opportunities.

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