Weekly Message – April 4th to 10th

The energies of Aine and Metis are present to support us. They come with the reminder to use the wisdom we’ve gained from our experience and adapt to everything that’s presenting itself before us.

How many times have you made yourself smaller or quieter to somehow fit in or to feel accepted? this week is definitely not about doing that. From your experience, you may have learned what beautiful gifts you bring to this world and the impact you have when you choose to use them. The knowledge you possess can also be of great help in this world, for yourself and others… don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and go after what your heart most desires. Let your wisdom guide you through this week and really listen to yourself. Where is your heart trying to take you?

Wherever that is, you might need to be flexible and adaptable since some of those experiences will require stepping out of your comfort zone. This last part seems to be a very present energy since last week. The Universe is asking all of us, to really trust and have courage in doing things in different ways to achieve the results we want. It’s asking us to challenge and bet in ourselves so we may be rewarded with fulfilled dreams. 

Don’t hide from the opportunities that are actively seeking you. Allow them into your life and don’t limit yourself to what you know you’ve been able to do in the past. There are some capabilities within you that you haven’t yet tapped into. Don’t be shy! how wonderful it will be to discover more of your own personal power that’s still untapped.

Be open and curious about what’s in store for you during this week (and preferably always!) so you can truly recognize the magic swirling all around you in your everyday life.

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