Weekly Message – April 25th to May 1st

As usual when it comes to a collective reading, this message can resonate in different areas for different people, so I’ll give my input on where we could be seeing this energy manifest or how. 

The 4 of Materials has a clue in the name. On the of ways we could be seeing this come into our life is as a reminder on finances. It’s always a good idea to save for a rainy day, as they say, and to think of the future. Allocating small amounts constantly to a savings or investment account gives a sense of security and overall feeling of safety. 

However, with this comes an important reminder too: Don’t let fear creep in so much that you’re terrified of spending any on things that might not seem like a priority or necessity to you. While it’s a good idea to save money, hoarding does bring limitations that are very unnecessary and don’t allow you to enjoy as much as you would. Find a balance between saving and spending this week.

Another way this energy can manifest is holding on way too damn tight to something; an idea, control, a habit, a person, a job, etc. This holding on feels more like clinging on and this card comes as a reminder that you can’t cling on forever. The more you resist, the more it can hurt you. Possessiveness has to be looked at under the microscope. Where does this need to possess come from? Is it something that makes you feel safe and in control? What feelings come up when you let go of the grip a little?

A lot of times  we hold on to things, not because of what they actually are, but what meaning we have imprinted on them. That’s the difficult part to process. So, if today you’re feeling some pressure to release to move forward, don’t be scared… you can do this! Surrender a little bit of control and be open to the possibilities. 

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