Weekly Message – April 18th to April 24th

Quite the theme for this week!

The focus is definitely on charging ahead. The energy this week is giving all of us an opportunity to really seize the moments that come to us. It’s movement, motion and action all rolled into one. 

This is not to say that we have to go at it alone. the Honey Moon card reminds us that we have a community and support group to aid us on the way. Just how bees work together with one another, it’s a great week to collaborate with others to reach goals. Your personal work has a great impact on the collective. Besides, sharing the journey with others can also lift our spirits and make things fun.

Yes, it’s the week to be a busy bee but don’t forget to also take time to recharge and rest when needed. Being productive doesn’t have to translate to being burned out. The Blood Moon card is a reminder of life coming from darkness, our life in the womb, seeds in the soil. We must take advantage of the darkness and quiet to emerge with vitality and energy to keep growing. Surrendering to this balance between action/inaction is key this week.

This week’s energy also has a transitional feeling to it. You are all in the midst of a transformation that will bring about something new. Surrender to the changes that are unfolding and roll with them. Some things will change and be released, others might come in as fruit of this week’s labor.

Don’t lose track of your goals for the coming days, keep moving. If you see fast results or none at all, stay on track… it all has a purpose.

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