Weekly Message – April 11th to 17th

What a powerful energy we have showing up for this week! 

I’ve been saying that it feels like April has a very Getting things done feeling, and draws like this one just seem to keep confirming that.

I’ve also said this before and I’ll say it again: one of the many ways we sabotage ourselves is by waiting around for something. Timing, resources, people, etc. There is no such thing as the perfect time or conditions for going after something you want. Yes, you may take into account some form of preparation or planning to make increase the chances of success. But to actually remain inactive until every circumstance is perfect is not reality. 

Life is imperfectly perfect, and that goes for timing too. If there’s something you’ve been pondering or curious about but haven’t really had the courage to try out, you might be feeling a little extra bold this week. 

There’s nothing like that rush of excitement when you discover something new that works for you. Every new scenario is an opportunity for adventure. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to try something different!

If there’s something in your personal life that you’ve been postponing because it may or may not be painful, this is a sign that it’s time to move on. What’s waiting for you is meant for you and it’s waiting to receive you with open arms.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one small thing or a giant project that you have in mind, it may be about changing one habit or changing your whole life. Whatever is strongly calling out to you, try to set the fear aside and allow yourself to explore. Move forward. 

For me, this card definitely brought something to mind and I’ve been considering starting a podcast to pair with this blog. I’ve gone through all the fear and insecurity stages in my head but the messages that come forth are just nudging me to give it a shot. It may be the most exciting thing so far or it may be a huge bust, I don’t know. 

So here’s to us all (while lifting my cup of tea) who are about to brave new territories in something that makes us nervous, excited, and uncomfortable; may our courage yield progress and continue to create the best versions of who we are. 

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