Weaving Life – May 28th 2020

Today’s message is a wonderful one; encouraging, hopeful and strong.

How many times do we end up inside of our minds, focusing on what hasn’t happened yet, what we don’t currently have, what isn’t working or an endless reel of fear based thoughts or emotions. This is actually quite counter productive for creating, for aligning and for our overall well-being.

Today, we actually had two cards come up. The first one speaks of what I was mentioning before. Remember this: Where focus goes, energy follows. So If we’re giving our power to those thoughs or emotions that lead us down a sense of hopelessness and anxiety. If we choose to actively redirect out focus towards what we CAN do, what IS available, what IS working and what we DO have in our life, it shifts us in every area. The shift can be felt in our energy, in our body, in our emotions, in our minds.

When we tend to spiral, it comes from fear or trauma based beliefs, and if those beliefs still have control over our subconscious mind, it will look for things in our external environment to confirm or validate those beliefs. If you believe you can’t do something, chances are, you’ll find confirmation from the outside world that you can’t. The good news is that if we are aware of this and actively shift our perspective, the opposite happens.

If we choose to recognize that we do have possibility, and opportunity and abilities to find ways to get to where we want and we truly believe in it, the subconscious mind looks for ways to create it, so then you start to find it outside of yourself too.

This is where the second card comes into play. We are creating, every single second, every day, all the time. So, make sure you point your compass, both conscious and subconscious, towards what you truly want.

You weave with every thought, every action, every decision, every feeling. We are powerful beings, but this power starts with believing it.

If there’s something that’s a part of your web, that you don’t want there, don’t be afraid to cut the thread and start over. You can weave and re-weave however many times you need in life.



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