Visionaries – February 28th 2020

Today’s energy can have our intuition in a high peak!

Take a moment today, even if it’s a short while, to really imagine what you want. Allow yourself to feel it, to sense it, to embody it without giving in to fear. Even if there are obstacles that you can clearly identify in your path, don’t let that fear and insecurity sink in. Don’t feed them.

Instead, focus on what could go right, what can be possible, even visualize something that might seem impossible! Bring your attention to how you’re feeling and check if it’s aligned with what you want to feel. Are your actions aligned with what you seek?

If possible, take some time to sit in silence and meditate on this. Imagine yourself living the life you dream of: How do you feel? How are you different? What are you doing? What choices are you making in this reality? What habits do you integrate in your life there? What do you see?

The key to creating that reality now comes from those answers. Once we embody and integrate those emotions and images into our daily life, we give them power. Our subconscious mind starts to look for ways to create it. This is why it’s so important not to feed behaviors, thoughts or emotions that come from fear or insecurity. Once again, I’m not saying to ignore these lower vibrational patterns, but observe them and listen to what they are trying to tell you. They are the key to unblocking your full potential.

Believe and FEEL that you hold the power to have what you want. Let your higher vision to take you there.



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