Untamed – July 22nd 2018

I never stop being amazed at how present the shifts of energy and transits are. As we enter Leo season, The Sun card rolls in for today’s draw.

Now is the time to step into your power! There are a lot of transits and events leading to life changes and complete transformations, and this season brings that energy and fire that Leo is known for.

How much in your life have you given your power away? Maybe felt like you had no control, that everything seems to happen TO you and not FOR you, perhaps other times you’ve felt as if you have no effect on what is presented to you in your life and this has made you feel helpless. Giving your power away is something that you might not be 100% aware of, but now is the time to ask yourself where and how you can regain strength and empower yourself by taking back that power.

Overcome the temptation to fall back into comfort zones, old habits or relationships, you can decide to start over but the real results will only be seen if you dare to venture outside of that comfort zone, dare to make different choices, pick different paths and ways of doing things.

Energy is shifting, and now, the deepest desires that lay in your heart feel more powerful than ever. Listen to your intuition and heart. Remember that circumstances, people, emotions, words and thoughts only have as much power over you as you let them have. This thought alone is quite important.

It’s time to break free from your own limitations and see yourself and your life for what they are: A limitless, powerful, divine creation! Open your heart and let the light shine in and out. Trust in your own voice and don’t be afraid to be yourself.


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