Universal Offerings – July 13th to 19th 2020

This week has a different tone than the past weeks’s energies. Thankfully!

As Mercury went direct, our focus and overall mental state will most likely be improving and becoming more and more clear as we slowly move out of the post-shadow phase.

With the Page of Crystals coming up, this signifies that the overall energy that will be available will be supporting us in our persuits. This energy is really good for getting back to those projects that may have been stalled or delayed for whatever reason, or just giving us a little boost in movitation and determination to get what we need to get done, done.

As things start to slowly move forward, doors to new opportunities and beginnings come forth. It’s a good week to plan ahead too, organize and set up short-term tasks that get us closer to those long-term goals or dreams. Think about where you want to go next and identify what practical steps you can take, with what you have available to you now, to keep the movement and gain momentum once again. It’s definitely a week to do some groundwork. You can also do visualization meditations or even create a vision board to help you connect with those wishes on a deeper level, to amplify manifesting potential.

This card’s energy points to creative endeavours too, so some of you might be experiencing a burst of inspiration that will allow you to create magical things. If you’ve been feeling uninspired or stuck in a rut, this week might shake things up and return some of that inspiration back to you to get that energy moving again. Perhaps you’ve taken on a new project or hobby that really gets you fired up and gets the creative juices flowing, go with it!

Inspiration might come from anywhere, so keep your eyes and heart open for any guidance or ideas that may be presented to you in different ways.

Have a lovely week!



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