Unbound – April 6th

Today’s energy brings new ideas and concepts to you. Our overall mood may be quite joyful and inspired. This keeps the overall trend of daily energies since last week. 

You’re being invited to dream, to believe in the possibility of it all, to rejoice in everything that’s coming into your life with your name on it. 

This energy can also mean that, for some of you, you may be receiving good news or being invited to be a part of something quite special to you. This energy is a gift to bring you up, keep you inspired and full of faith that all is well and good things are coming your way. 

You may use this extra burst of creativity to make some plans and if you’re having too many ideas, breathe deeply and try to organize those thoughts in whichever way helps you. Maybe writing or making a to to list, maybe a vision board, whatever gets those ideas out there so you can make them reality soon.

Try to avoid restricting yourself mentally or shutting down ideas because you may feel afraid of them. Even if you don’t plan on taking action on all of them, include them in your list and revisit it later to see if it still resonates. 

Use this time to let your energy be revitalized and your spirit to be energized for what’s to come. 

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