True Self – August 31st 2020

I know we’ve all had our fair share of challenges and delays in the past, but today’s energy is calling our attention to acknowledging those difficulties and objectively observing the growth that has come from them. Become aware of it and know that there is always room for improvement. We are always in a constant state of change.

If you’ve been feeling less than chipper, feeling a little low on energy or like things haven’t been going as you had imagined, this card comes as a confirmation that new beginnings are afoot. There is no light without darkness and sometimes we’ve got to push through that threshold so we can rise up like a Phoenix. A lot of trials and tribulations we go through are there to teach us, mold us and make us more resilient for future things to come. Everything in life has its cycle and its divine timing.

Think about this for a second; if a toddler who has just started to walk wanted to learn to ride a bike, it’s a very unlikely thing to happen. Why? Because they do not posess the proper structure and tools to do so. They need to strengthen, build and grow into it. So when we want everything we dream of right now, and the answer is no, it’s really more likely that it’s “not right now” because there are still things that have to come into place for that to happen. We build towards our life.

You are evolving and elevating, even if sometimes you don’t feel it right away. New beginnings are available to you and you couldn’t have done it without the road that led you here. You are being upgraded in both the material and spiritual plane. FirmaTMM

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