Too Much, Too Soon – April 8th

It’s amazing how sometimes collective energy can have certain trends, and as I said before, there’s definitely been trends in the past two weeks. Today’s energy is a part of that. 

The Two of Pentacles reversed speaks to us about possibly having too many balls up in the air. It comes with a message of caution: If we try to deal with too much at a single time or are not paying enough attention to all that we have, those balls can elude us and fall. We don’t know if this fall could cause irreparable damage so it’s best if we don’t try to find out, and keep it from happening. 

We constantly have to deal with more than one thing at a time, that’s completely normal. But when you overwhelm yourself with doing too much, having a very heavy load to carry in every single area, you might need to step back and prioritize or be even more organized than usual. When we don’t have clear priorities we can start to look like a headless chicken that’s just simply all over the place but not getting anything done.

Try to think up ways in which you can schedule tasks differently or change up your work process to be more efficient so it leaves room for you to breathe, rest, and reboot. If not, you may be seeing some signs of burnout or your focus might start to be affected.

Is there something that doesn’t necessarily have to be done in the way it’s being done now? Do you have tasks that could be postponed or delegated? Is there a better way to organize your time and still achieve the results you desire?

You can take it step by step. Get your priorities in order, make a plan of action and test it out. You might be surprised to find out that it doesn’t always have to feel like a hustle!

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