The Visionaries – May 25th

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope our weekend was entertaining and fulfilling. Let’s get into today’s message.

This week has us moving forward and the card I pulled for this is no exception to that nudge.

Before we can really go anywhere in life, we kind of have to know where we want to go right? Today’s message is a reminder to connect with our intentions, our dreams, our desires, our most heartfelt wishes. And to remind us that we CAN create, that we are powerful beings able to manifest things into existance on material planes.

We are creators, visionaries, explorers of infinite possibilities. So today, take some time to really ask yourself what direction you’d like to go in. What does it look like? How will you feel? What is the purpose of this dream?

When you think of people who are considered visionaries in human history, you’ll notice a common thread in all of them: they believed in infinite possibilities and were not afraid of exploring, even if it was through trial and error, even if they “failed” at some point, they would stay in the search for what they wanted because they believed in it.

This is today’s message. Even if something seems impossible, change perspectives, open up to looking at things from a different angle and you might be surprised to find out that there’s more than one way to go about things. Be open and flexible, nothing is set in stone and realizing this brings back your power. Know that you do have a say in what you allow/don’t allow to enter or stay in your life.

Being a visionary also means that sometimes you have to push through certain thresholds or limitations set as “the status quo”, allow yourself to have the courage to push through in search of greatness. Sometimes the best feelings and experiences come after being uncomfortable and pushing through.

Let your third eye see what your eyes can’t.



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