The Power of 1 – November 11th 2017

11/11 11:11

Why is 11/11 considered a powerful manifestation portal or gateway?

A powerful vibration is surrounding us all today and supporting us in creating the lives which we were meant to live. As I’ve mentioned before, 2017 is a Universal 1 number which carries the 1 energy.

In numerology, the number 1 holds a lot of power and has to do with new beginnings, initiating something and spiritual awakening. This year has been all about reinvention, changes that will bring transformation and create a new life for you. A lot of the energies and transits we saw during the year, shed light on what you had to do in order to make space and be prepared for all of the things that are waiting to come into your life. A lot was torn down, shaken up, and what was hiding in the shadows was brought to light. This was all so you can expand and raise your consciousness, as well as align with your true purpose so your intentions become more powerful too.

Now, double that 1 energy and it becomes a master number that fully brings creation, manifestation and expression of your truth. So, you can imagine what power 11/11 has. This is the absolute perfect time to co-create with the Universe, because of the potency of this energy and vibration.

Change is coming. It’s a new dawn for you and a lot more people. The Universe is urging you to listen to your intuition, to honor and express your truth and to align with your soul purpose. Synchronicities may be on a high for everyone today. Messages that will aid in this transition will be available to you. Divine assistance is near and you must be open to receiving those messages for your highest good.

Remember that manifestation doesn’t limit itself to material or tangible things, perhaps what you’re trying to manifest is a higher awareness, consciousness, intuition, spiritual growth. There are no limits to what you choose to manifest if you truly believe it’s possible. This may also mean you are in the process of a spiritual awakening and your path will be revealed to you.

Be VERY careful and minfdul of your thoughts today because what vibration you are projecting from within or what may be on your mind will be able to manifest in your life. If you’re giving into fear, your fears will manifest and it will become almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep your thoughts positive and your vibration high so you can really attract something that will benefit you.

Today’s portal or gateway is not limited to a single individual, but it can mean big changes for us all, as a collective, we are all connected and are all a part of this divine Universe. There is a collective shift of consciousness occurring right now and we can manifest and co-create the world we’d like to see, for the highest good of all mankind, nature and every living creature on this planet.

Here are a few things you could do to really harness this magical vibration:

Before working on setting any intentions or making a wish, do a Heart, Third Eye or Crown Chakra meditation and really tune into what you may discover. Do a reading for yourself with your favorite oracle or tarot cards and see what divine messages you receive. Perhaps it will help you to set clear and honest intentions.

🌟  Set an intention (or several) – Write down your intentions in a journal or a piece of paper or just close your eyes and visualize in your mind’s eye, all of those things as if they were already manifesting before you. Let yourself FEEL that they are possible and already believe that they already ARE.

🌟  Create a Vision Board – On a piece of paper, notebook, journal or wherever you wish, place images, words or something to represent what you are trying to manifest and what your heart wants most. Size doesn’t matter, it can be small and simple or big and colorful.

🌟  Make a wish – The Universe is listening, so ask for what your heart longs for and be open to receiving it. You are worthy.

If you REALLY want to potentialize and do manifesting at the speed of light, you can try any of these at 11:11 am or pm. But, doing it at any other hour of the day will still be quite powerful.

What you choose to manifest today will have an expansion greater than you can imagine, so choose wisely. The Universe doesn’t judge you for what you try to manifest.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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