Tender Heart – April 12th

Today’s presence is a beautiful one, channeling energy from archangel Zaphkiel. 

He is the archangel of compassion, passion, romance, grace and gratitude. It’s an expansive energy for the heart. 

He reminds us today to open ourselves up to these frequencies to experience our day to the fullest. 

For some of you, it’s the compassionate side that might be needed. Always remember that we do not know what other people are going through internally and things aren’t always what they seem. We may be looking at someone thinking they’ve got it all together but on the inside they’ve being torn apart. It’s quite easy to pass judgement or treat others based on what we see. Just remind yourself to be kind and compassionate to others in your personal relationships today. 

Perhaps all that someone needs is a little of your time, a shoulder to cry on or someone to actively listen to what they may be going through. Small acts of kindness go a very long way.

For others, the message could be to really lean into your passion. What gets your heart and creativity flowing? Is it something you can incorporate in your day today? Passion really ignites the heart and elevates our frequency, so you might want to tap into the intensity that your heart can hold. Something beautiful may come of it. 

Gratitude is a big part of Zaphkiel’s energy. No matter where you’re at now, what’s happening or what you’re going through; there’s always something to be grateful for. Perhaps today for some is just being able to get out of bed, feeling less pain. For others it can be finding success in your plans, moving forward to reaching completion on goals. Whether it be a small or lifechanging moment, allow your heart to be overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Feel the love that emanates through you and allow it to reach others.

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