Taurus New Moon/Uranus enters Taurus – May 15th 2018

Hello again Moon Children!

I’ve missed being able to post and share with you all. Life has been crazy but it’s time to come back and stay aligned 🌟

The Taurus New Moon is here and it’s bringing shifts and changes. If that wasn’t enough, Uranus, the planet of change, breakthroughs, originality and outside-the-box thinking is entering stable, grounded and structured Taurus and will remain there for the next 8 years. Read on to find out how these energies and transits might have an effect on your life.

The Taurus influence on this New Moon brings the stabilizing energy you need to really structure and build the foundation for what you want to manifest in your life.

Taurus influences the tangible world, financial structures, security, pleasure and material things. So all of this can be placed in the limelight with this energy around. The combination of this energy and the New Moon is a powerful time to take your manifesting powers to another level. Dream, plan and aim high.

The shadow side of this influence may bring some impatience, stubbornness and resistance to leave your comfort zone. But please do. Whenever we step out of that comfort zone, change follows. And it is with this change that we grow and evolve.

Being overcontrolling and planning every last detail leaves very little room to flow freely. It’s ok to plan, set goals and actions that will take you where you want to go, but wanting to control the outcome or having fixed expectations of what it should look like, may harm more than help. Don’t be afraid to flow into the unknown, even if it sounds like a terrifying thing to do. The Universe and all of your Spirit Guides ALWAYS have your back. Every single thing in your life has meaning and purpose. Trust in that. Believe it. New beginnings are on the horizon but actions towards them must be taken. New perspectives may help leave fears and insecurities behind, filling you with inspiration and hope.

So, observe; what in your life requires more patience? Is there something you require in your life but don’t currently have? What actions and decisions are you making to manifest it? Are you flowing and trusting or are you controlling too much? Are you giving yourself time for things that make you feel good? What is holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone? How about health, is your energy high? What could you do to FEEL healthier?

You can journal and see what emotions, feelings and thoughts come to you. You have more answers within, than you know. Let yourself find pleasure in tangible things as well, we’re not just stardust floating around after all. Our bodies need taking care of too! Go get a nice massage, treat yourself to your favorite meal, buy some aromatic flowers, do things that excite your senses as well as your spirit.

Make sure you’re nurturing your body with tons of goodies that Mama Earth has to offer. This is one of the many ways she nurtures us. Incorporate more food that comes from the Earth in your diet, your body and soul will thank you for it.

For me, personally, this New Moon in Taurus is also about questioning what our current relationship with Mother Earth is like and how you can create an impact, every day. Remember that this is our home. She is the hand that feeds, so we must respect and protect her in order to survive. The Universe gifted this planet to us humans and it’s time to begin to show that gratitude and give back.

Now, it’s time for the Uranus talk. Uranus, the planet of freedom will be leaving fiery Aries and entering earthy Taurus on the same day as the Taurus New Moon. Talk about some big shifts coming!

However, this transit’s energy will not move as quickly as the planet will stay in this sign until 2026. Shifts and changes will be subtle and progressive but not less impactful or important. We all might be faced with a tug of war energy. Taurus likes being in the comfort zone while Uranus pushes us to awaken and change.

This shift will hit both on a personal and collective level. On the personal side, things that have to do with your stability and security. Questioning your own value and where you fit in in this world might not be a surprise. Pre-built structures may be torn down when you realize what used to give you that stability, no longer does. This will allow us to reconnect with our own power, our own paths and give less importance to what we have or own and more on who we are.

A new meaning for security may also surface. Perhaps material things (money, career, posessions) may not be the source of what truly makes you feel secure and now you’ll have a different perspective on what does.

As for the collective, I feel that a reconnection with Mother Earth will be felt and seen. A worldwide shift in consciousness and our place in this wonderful planet we have taken for granted and abused of. Going back to our roots and really allowing ourselves to ground in ways we haven’t in a long time. Becoming the protectors instead of being “owners” of this land.

This transit will definitely be an awakening. Social conduct might be affected too, as everyone will be reevaluating value and worth in a different way than before.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Moon! Get ready to set sail on some cosmic waves 💙

– Moon Siren

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