Taurus New Moon – April 2020

Hello all!

How is everyone feeling with all the energies that have been present at this time?

Tomorrow’s Taurus New Moon energy might be a little intense. As some of you know, each New Moon starts a 6-month cycle. This means that the intentions and work you put in during this time, will come to fruition with the Full Moon in the same sign, 6 months later. So I’d really like to have you guys take a moment to really connect with yourself, your heart and visualize what you want to be reaping later on.

Of course, the individual impact you will have with this particular phase and energy depends on where the sign of Taurus is in your own natal chart. Nevertheless, there is always a collective energy that we can tap into regardless of what house is active in our chart. As always, I’ll be sharing the energies of this New Moon as well as other planetary energies that affect us overall. This Taurus New Moon is highly influenced by its dance with other planets and positions. This is what may make this New Moon a bit more challenging than any other Taurus New Moon.

For the energy of any particular astrological transit, you can find professional astrologers or articles that can go deeper into it.

Taurus; Steady, grounded, fond of routine, comfort and sensuality meets the emotional currents of the Moon in it’s dark phase. All New ­oons bring introspective energy for us, it allows us to go within, to what’s deep below the surface of our being. Our deepest fears are sitting next to us on our table, all of those things we had “had no time to deal with” have finally caught up with us. They sit at our table to be recognized and so we may reclaim our own power and not let those fears lead us through life.

What I feel compelled to mention right from the start is the connection with Uranus. Uranus carries very changing and unexpected energy. So, the first piece of advice is to ground yourself, I really mean it. If we are grounded and centered we may weather storms and tough winds that may come, since with Uranus we can expect the unexpected. I know, this isn’t so uplifting because many of you are thinking “What else can happen?!”. The truth is… we don’t really know. This is why it’s best to be prepared. Being prepared does NOT mean becoming fearful that something else may hit us, but rather being prepared means being aware of the uncertain times that we are living in and thinking a couple of steps ahead, without fear. Just to be able to take inspired action. I’ll give you an example; if we don’t really know what will happen in 6 months, will there be enough food for everyone? How will I survive? Planning allows us to step into our power and say “Ok, I can try to grow food at home or do what I can with what I have”. The key in being prepared is stepping into our power instead of our fears. The steadier our feet are planted on the ground, the less shaken we’ll be when external forces come through.

This combination of Uranus + Taurus New Moon might have some polar feels to it. Because as I mentioned before, Uranus is abrupt, rules awakenings and is everchanging while Taurus energy is very relaxed and comfy. This might means different things for everyone. For some it might mean that even in the comfort of your home, some disruption may arise, I definitely feel that what we are collectively going through is highly disrupting to our comfort zones, but this is where growth opportunity appears. This disruption is a massive awakening on so many levels; financial, systems, emotional, etc. It’s ok to feel whatever you need to feel. We’ve all been swinging from one emotion to another, but we are exploring depths that we hadn’t been pushed to. It’s ok to feel a little out of sorts. We don’t have to have it all figured out. We do the best we can, while being aware and conscious.

Another helping hand these energies gift us with is that if there’s something you’ve been stuck with, stubborn like a bull, you can allow that Uranus energy to come and get you unstuck so you can move forward at your own pace. Let that Uranus energy help you awaken to your potential and calling. The New Moon can also bring up things from our subconscious mind, this is why it’s no surprise if some things that were in the shadows come up to be released of healed. We must be aware of how powerful our subconscious really is, so we can use it to our favor instead of having self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs.

We’re also experiencing a reevaluation of what material things hold value to us (Venus influence), maybe what we thought was valuable really isn’t? How do we use the resources we have? Do we use them well? Do we scatter or misuse them? These trains of thought are some of the themes we might be experiencing during this time

Taurus is an Earth sign (Ruled by Venus), and I personally, feel it’s synchronicity that this year, the Taurus New Moon with Gaia energy falls on the same day as Earth day AND another 444 portal. This means that this moment is crucial, this is something that we absolutely needed as humanity. To be able to really reflect, observe and identify what NEEDS to change and HOW we want to move forward. The world as we knew it will no longer exist, and it is the perfect time to really think about the world we want to live in, starting now. Starting with ourselves, our immediate surroundings, our choices, our thoughts. Have we been living a life filled with false security? Had we been looking to feel secure with things that were merely an illusion? Now is the time to question. And not only question, but take slow, steady steps towards realness. We are planting the seeds for the world we will come out to. What we do to ourselves, we do to others. What we do to ourselves, we do to the planet.

Now, for a lighter side of this Taurus New Moon energy; Taurus loves to have all 5 senses stimulated, it’s a very sensual energy. So, since some of us (who have the privilege of doing so) are homebound right now, it’s a good time to engage in practices that let your creative side flow. Anything that tickles your senses, you might feel very alluring now. It can go from a bubble bath, to cooking with family, to creating something visual. Anything that stimulates your senses in a healthy way, go for it. A word of advice with this, Taurus can also have a tendency to overindulge, so whatever you do, just try to keep it balanced! Self care will feel like a breath of fresh air during this time. And remember, self-care isn’t just bubble baths and massage oils, it’s loving yourself enough to set healthy boundaries, it’s knowing how to say no, it’s nourishing your body with what makes it feel healthy, it’s moving that body to avoid emotions getting stuck within the body, it’s loving yourself even if you feel crappy!

All of these massive shifts and awakenings that we are experiencing are being felt both inside of us and outside in the external world. As the saying: As above, so below. As within so without. This is a global change that starts by igniting that spark within us. After all, we are only responsible for ourselves only. But, it only takes one rock thrown into the water to create ripples. Ask yourself what you want to create, what do you truly want your life to be now that the veils of deception are slowly falling off, what you want to nurture and see flourish.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Moon and are able to ground yourself in your own magical being!




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