Taurus Full Moon – November 2017

Taurus Full Moon - TMM

It’s here!

The Taurus Full Moon is upon us and I think we’re all feeling a bit of that Taurean energy, don’t you think?

This Full Moon falls in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and governs the 2nd house of the Zodiac. This house has to do with money, possessions, security and material things but don’t be fooled, this is not limiting to only tangible things, but also emotions and things like self-worth, personal values, as well as sexual energy. And with the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus, some polarity is expected. Taurus likes comfort and tends to be grounded and steady, while Scorpio can push for change and can be impatient and intense.

This will be a time where you might find yourself reevaluating personal or core beliefs, comfort zones or really just who you are and what you want your life to be. Self-actualization, transmutation, regeneration are assisted at this time by this energy. You’re being shaken and moved around from the inside out, to grow and expand. Scorpio brings that transformating energy and it may hit right where you’re most comfortable. The things that no longer serve a purpose in your life are being cleared from your path and transmuting them (sometimes whether you want to or not), in order to have a clean slate and energy for what will come from this transformation. The light is now illuminating what clutters or messes up your life, what’s not in alignment, what’s hindering your path and showing it to you as clear as day. It is a time to take action and surrender, let go of those things that hide in the shadows and purify.

You may also find yourself dealing with old feelings or wounds that tap into your self-worth, some insecurities may arise again or perhaps you’ll be facing new insecurities stemmed from the events of the past couple of months. Are there still things or people you’re attached to that damage that self-worth and personal well-being? Remember that Taurus is also about your well-being, your life force abundance.

This energy also prompts you to see the existing abundance and prosperity in your life. What you have already accomplished and what material possessions you have. How you see that connection between you and your possessions/money can also be lit and shown to you. Do you place too much importance or value to material things in your life? Are they directly tied to your self-worth, respect or love? How are you blocking yourself to receive? What do you need to feel worthy or great things?, remember to look inward for the answer instead of blaming external factors, think about how you may contribute to those situations, even without knowing.

There’s a notion that a spiritual person or someone who is enlightened shouldn’t place any importance on material things. However, I believe that we do live in this plane as it is, this plane is material and tangible. We are flesh and bone, we’re not just ethereal mists floating around, are we? So, we can use what we have been given in this plane to create the life experiences we desire, without being consumed by possessions. The material world allows us to flourish, create and be comfortable, but there is always a risk of falling into being trapped and placing too much value in it. It’s about making our possessions work for us, instead of against us.

The Scorpio influence in this Full Moon can also open the door to a hightened connection: intuition, lucid dreaming, psychic abilities or even more synchronicities than usual. It’s the perfect moment to go inward and dive into the deep end of consciousness. Spiritual work will be very helpful at this time. Let your higher self guide and support you through these shifts. You may be feeling very strongly, emotions will also be amplified, yours as well as others. Be patient and kind in order to avoid unnecessary drama or chaos. It really is more of a time to look inward, rather than focus on too many external factors. Use this emotional intensity to connect with your loved one, friends or family, let those connections deepen.

Patience and temperance is key in this phase. If you go full Taurus and rampage through everything, it may shatter things you don’t want shattered. Bull in a China shop? No. Temper yourself, seek balance. This goes for the intensity of Scorpio too, make sure you don’t become overly emotional and react in a way that might be harmful instead of helpful.

Also, your well-being also has to do with your body and mind, not just the spirit. What are you doing to nourish your body and mind as well? Is there something else you could be doing that would be beneficial?

The intentions you set on the Libra New Moon will begin to make progress. Now is the time to make those adjustments that will aid those intentions and provide a solid, stable ground for them to bloom in. Continue to build a strong foundation and structure for the life you wish to CREATE.

As Venus rules Taurus in the second house, relationships will be in focus too. You may be observing what works for you, how the relationship makes you feel, if you’ve been controlling or controlled, if there’s balance within the relationship, if it’s the kind of relationship that nurtures you. Is your relationship missing something? Are you flexible or do you tend to stand ground stubbornly? Is someone’s energy overpowering the other? All of these ponderings may at some point cause tension, but breathe deeply, everything in life works out well somehow.

This is the PERFECT time to let go of those things that block or hold you back and choose to act towards those that set your heart and soul on fire (in a good way!). The more aligned you are with your soul purpose, the more fulfilling you’ll find your life to be. Scorpio is pushing you out of that comfort zone where Taurus prefers. Surrender to this shift. Sometimes, the best things are waiting outside of your comfort zone. This Full Moon reminds you of all that you already have, to be grateful for it and to marvel at the infinite possibilities that remain in the future.

Taurus Full Moon rituals - TMM
Here is a small and simple ritual you can do for this Full Moon in Taurus:

🌟   Begin by creating or cleansing your Sacred Space. If you don’t exactly know how to, you can get a few ideas here.

🌟  After you’ve cleared your Sacred Space and yourself (very important so you cleanse any negative energies or vibrations), you can sit or lay comfortably. Feel your breath, allow your heartbeat to be stable and calm.

Take 5 deep, cleansing breaths and let go of anything that’s currently on your mind. Allow yourself to be completely in the moment.

If you can, with your eyes closed, think about what it is that you’d like (or need) to let go of, visualize it. Take as much time as you need, visualize as many things as you’d like too. Only you know how much you need to let go of. Open your eyes.

🌟   If you’re going to be working with a Tarot or Oracle deck, I suggest you do that now so you’ll have more insight on what you need to release or any additional messages from Spirit Guides. Write it down if you can, so you can later check back on the messages you received.

🌟   Grab a piece of paper a pen, a candle and some matches (Do this outside, if you can, under the Full Moon and barefoot). Start writing down all of the things that you wish to release, let go of, what circles you wish to close, what loose ends you want to tie. Whenever you’re ready, light the candle and burn the paper. As you burn the paper, you can say this to yourself or out loud:

“I consciously release all that no longer serves me and my higher purpose.
I release any false truths, expectations or notions that cloud my judgement.

I am open to receive and allow prosperity and abundance to enter my life.
I am grateful for what I have and know I am enough.
I liberate myself from any limitations and embrace transformative change.

I honor, nurture and respect the spark that lies within me.
I embrace the power and magic that comes from divine Source.
I surrender to the Universal flow that guides me from love and light.
And so it is.”

🌟  Once you have burned the paper and done the releasing ritual, feel free to journal whatever you’re feeling after this; what emotions may have shifted, what other things came to mind, how you feel, etc. Feel gratitude and joy, for that weight has been taken off and you have divine assistance.

🌟   Fill a clean pitcher, bucket or container (with lid) with water and leave it out under the moonlight. You can go ahead and drink it or cleanse yourself with it the next day.

🌟   Take a bath or shower. Water is a great conduit for energy and now that you’ve released, it’s time to energize and renew. You can add some frankincense essential oil or any essential oils or herbs you prefer. Crystals can also be added this bath, just make sure the crystals you choose, will not be damaged by direct contact with water or oils. I’ve added a list a suggested crystals for this Full Moon below.

Additional Advice:
Taurus is about what makes you feel good too! So, do something for yourself. Get a massage, a nice meal, buy a new book, get together with friends or even better, treat yourself to some beach time. Whatever makes YOU feel good, do it.

Just as you released intangible things, our homes tend to accumulate tangible things too. This is a perfect time to give away or sell those things you no longer use; clothes, furniture, appliances, anything. Energy can become stagnant when there is too much clutter in your home. Refresh your home and renew its energy too!

Don’t forget to charge your crystals! Place them outside or near a window for their moon bath. Allow them to soak and recharge.

Suggested crystals for this Taurus Full Moon are green jade, carnelian, pyrite, malachite, clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, sodalite and smoky quartz.

As always, here are some of my favorite spreads for this wonderful Full Moon:

Taurus Full Moon spread - Moon Mama Medium.jpg


Taurus Full Moon spread - Ethony
Click to read card placements


Full Moon in Taurus - TCC


I hope this article helps you in your journey.
The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.
– Moon Siren

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