Take Charge – April 4th

Yesterday, we were talking about making the decision to not let fear take hold of us or hold us back from moving to where we want to be. And today, the invigorating energy of The Chariot comes up for the daily reading! Synchronicity at its best.

An energy of sheer will, determination, focus, and drive!

You can tap into this energy that’s available to you so that you can push forward, get plans in action, and take charge of the direction you want things to go in. You are driving The Chariot, you choose your direction, you choose your path. 

You may be feeling a burst of clarity, your mind may be feeling sharp and you may feel like your task managing is on point. Stay in the zone, stay focused! Today’s energy is a great omen for overcoming obstacles or facing challenges with discernment and willpower. Stay confident in your abilities and your experience. 

Things may not go 100% as expected, but if there are unforeseen circumstances that might be a challenge, you CAN overcome it and stay in stride. 

A word of advice though; make sure you don’t go into bulldozer mode and forsake other people on your path to your destination. Don’t tap into the “My way or the highway” kind of energy and emotionally run people over. Always be mindful of the impact your actions and decisions will have on others and proceed accordingly. 

Today is a perfect day to take action on something you’ve been planning or waiting for.

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