Surrender to the Flow

Flow flow flow. The biggest lesson that’s been following me for the last couple of months.

I’m sure everyone has been feeling the intensity and velocity of this Universal “11” year. A lot has been going on for everyone, both as a collective as individuals. I myself have been feeling like the waves caught me since a few months back, tumbling and disorienting me until now. The force of these unknown waves is finally to release, or maybe I just learned to flow without resistance. Perhaps both.

I feel that today’s card pull also asks every single one of us to not only flow within our lives and desires, but to connect to that divine universal flow; our cycles as women and men, natural cycles like the moon and sun, the seasons. We’re being asked to flow with everything, not to go against natural cycles. To reconnect to each other and the Earth.

We are powerful and infinite beings. An awakening is here. Embrace it 💙

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