Super Blue Blood Moon – January 31st 2018

Is anyone else as excited as I am for the upcoming Full Moon? I bet you are.

This month’s Full Moon is quite special for several reasons. Not only will it be a Super Moon, but it’s also a Blue Moon (it’s the second of two Full Moons to appear in the same calendar month). If that wasn’t enough, this Leo super charged phase will also be a Blood Moon. This is because on January 31st, a Lunar Eclipse will take place and cast a reddish shadow on our beloved Moon. The last time these events lined up like that was 150 years ago!

Phew! That’s a whole lot of energy going around. That means there’s a lot happening and here’s my take on this wonderful alignment.

Full Moons are the time for releasing, cleansing and closing circles. Either a circumstance improves, changes or comes to an end. With this coming phase, the 6-month cycle that was started with the August 21st, 2017 Solar Eclipse has come to a close. Intentions, desires or goals you set during that time are now being felt and seen. Remember that Eclipses always start a 6-month cycle of change and transformation. So now, we start a new cycle and what mighty power does it have behind.

This transit will take place in Leo. If you’re not too familiar with Leo type energies, you should know that Leo likes to shine, ruled by the Sun, what else could you expect? Leo is confident, creative and oh so passionate. With the Super Moon effect, we can expect emotions to be amplified. I’d suggest you be mindful and conscious of your words and actions, so you don’t fall into petty, emotional and dramatic flares. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed, restless or even a little tense when all of these energies around, but find a way to channel the energy in a way that is healthy for you and those around. If you don’t manage that energy the right way for you, you may be up for a little meltdown or possibly conflict with others.

The Moon’s energy is more about intuition than rationality, but I feel for this particular Full Moon, a good balance between both will be needed. Lunar Eclipses tend to show us what has been hiding beneath the surface, what has been lingering in the shadows or what we’ve chosen to conceal purposefully. I wouldn’t be surprised if this celestial event brings crystal clear clarity or even an event in your life, that will make you see all that’s been in shadow without being able to turn the other way, a revelation of some sort.

This is the ideal time to go inward. The Sun opposite Moon energy will aid in this, you’ll be able to look at circumstances from a balanced and objective perspective, as well as observe any areas where you feel unbalanced or where harmony may be lacking. You will know what is working for you in your life, and what is not. This Lunar Eclipse is also in the North Node. The North Node is about your life purpose, spiritual growth and going out of your comfort zone. With the Leo influence, it definitely relates to your soul purpose, your life’s mission and seeing it clearly. What is keeping you from living your truth, what you’re doing to follow and come closer to that path.

How this Super Blue Blood Moon will affect each and every one of us, will be completely different because we all have a different universal soulprint. What alignments and transits you have on your birth chart will give you more insight on what area of your life you might be feeling this in. But, there is an energy that sets the tone for the collective effect, the Leo influence may spark a fire within. It will remind you of how precious you are and what great potential you have.

🌟Where in your life have you been holding back?
🌟How has your confidence been affected?
🌟Are you living in your truth and expressing it in a healthy manner?
🌟Have fears taken over the wheel and prevented you from truly living your life’s mission?
🌟What gives you that blissful feeling of pure contentment and happiness?
🌟In what way have you gotten in your own way?

It’s time to ask some uncomfortable questions in order to attain the clarity that will bring change and transformation into your life. Now is the time to be fearless, to have courage, to seek what makes your heart skip a beat, to align with your highest self and to discover your soul’s purpose.  It’s time to unleash the raw creative power you hold within and let it shape the life you want to live. It’s time to shed again, leaving behind old structures, beliefs, judgements, perspectives, emotions and whatever else doesn’t resonate in your life anymore.

Growth and transformation are not always comfortable or pain free, but they liberate us and help us expand, they are the reason we are who we are today. So, be grateful for the happy times as well as the challenges, for they are also a part of you. The only constant in life, is change itself. So, open up to the possibilities, embrace change and all that it brings into your life. Everything has its timing and purpose. Pay close attention to what doors are closing and which ones open up for you. The same with people, you may notice some people start to walk away from your life, and others will enter. Those who enter now will have great impact on your journey. Open up to what’s meant to be.

It’s time for a fresh start, you will clearly notice your personal gifts, what you’re good at, what you are meant to be and how you’re meant to live. Embrace the light, uniqueness and personal power you have within. You own your life and can create any reality you want, but be sure that you need to take action and surrender to the Universal flow, it has your back. Be courageous and let that Leo fire spark the fire that will light up your life.

Hello reinvention!

Last but not least, this Leo Full Moon brings a lot of feminine energy and empowerment. We may start to see that sisterhood rise up again, that respect and love for each other becomes very present. It’s the perfect energy to connect to our intuition and other intuitive goddesses, support and love each other as sisters. The world needs a bit of that heartfelt softness and nurturing that the feminine energy brings forth.

I’m adding links to some lovely and inspired rituals in case you feel like celebrating this Super Blue Blood Moon!

Leo Full Moon Eclipse Ritual by Achintya Devi

Blue Moon Rituals by Nancy Upshaw

Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Ritual for Releasing and Foretelling by Tanaaz

Cleansing, Blessing and Banishing Ritual by Roya Backlund

A few tips from

5 Ways To Make The Most Of The Incredibly Rare Super Blue Blood Moon

You can also join The Moon Sisterhood‘s Full Moon Fire Ritual and/or sign up for the Weekly Newsletter and get Anne Hayman’s MAGICAL Leo Full Moon workbook here.

Whenever you’re doing a ritual or working with a Full/New Moon energy, be sure to take advantage of the 3 day window where the energy is the most present. For example, for tomorrow’s Super Blue Blood Moon, you can do your rituals today (30th), tomorrow on the 31st or on March 1st. The energy is always strongest closer to the peak. If you can’t do it in those particular days, don’t worry either, your intentions and spiritual work will not be less potent because of it.

As always, there are wonderful, inspired creators that have just the spreads we need for times like these, here are some card spreads that might be quite useful for you!

Full Moon in Leo - EthonyEthony’s

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Leo Blue Blood Full Moon - Moon Mamma MediumMoon Mama Medium’s

I hope you have a wonderful Super Blue Blood Moon and allow yourself to go down the path you know is meant for you. Dream big, be brave and courageous and embrace the change that’s coming.

Have a magical Leo Super Blue Blood Moon!

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren


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