Success – August 29th 2020

Happy weekend everyone!

Today’s energy is really asking us to bask in what we have managed to achieve, not just this week, but in the past months. It’s time to recognize and verbalize those achievements and wins you have under your belt.

Allow yourself to be seen in that light, don’t be afraid to embrace your successes and be proud of them.

Even if it’s not verbally expressed to you, but you might feel a change in a circumstance and feel invigorated and victorious. Don’t be shy to show your light! If you’re good at something, own it, be it.

This could also signify for some that you might get some recognition or acknowledgement of a job well done in something.

Whatever it is, there’s an overall feeling of accomplishment that is by our side today. If you don’t necessarily feel this energy and don’t feel it, ask yourself what you’ve truly accomplished recently, I am beyond sure there’s more than one thing 😊


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