Strengthening – August 17th to 23rd 2020

August is flying by. I feel like we’re at that point in the year where every month seems to go by faster and faster. Where has the year gone? In some ways, time doesn’t feel linear at all, some days it feels like this year is lasting 10 “regular” years, then in the blink of an eye we’ve gone from March to August!

In the August Reading, I mentioned this card for this week, because it’s such a beautiful and bold energy. Leo season really came with a bang, in true Leo form. The first two weeks of this month had us contemplating and reevaluating what’s worth it to us, among many other things. And now, we are tapping into our inner strength, As we move forward in this year, we are becoming clearer on who we are, what our hearts want, what we stand for, what rings true to our heart, what makes us feel alive and passionate.

We might be feeling stronger than we have felt in the last months, more compassionate and confident. This will serve us well for the plans we will put into action. We know and have seen what we’re capable of, what we can accomplish, what we can create and manifest. We are confident in what makes us strong and are willing to be compassionate with ourselves in any areas we still need to work on.

We now know that our power is always within us, it’s just a matter of continously tapping into it, and feeding it with everyday habits and practices. The more we stay aligned with our hearts, the more powerful the manifestations of that strength can be. If there’s something we’ve all been working on, whether we have actively sought it out or not, is our resilience. The YOU now might not have been so bold before, but we’re all coming into ourselves and coming into our light, our most authentic selves with our own individual light.

This week, we have the Leo New Moon, which opens up a 6 month cycle, bringing more of that bold, confident and determined energy for us to tap into. Make the most of it!

We’re here to see things through.


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