Stay Afloat – September 14th 2017

I used to be a little scared of this card before. You don’t normally associate a good feeling to destruction, chaos, and crisis. But I’ve found there is light to what seems to darkness within this card.

I feel that what it represents today may be a subtle or unconscious crumble of previously structures of thoughts, habits, attitudes or beliefs. What you may have seen as safe and comfortable will be shaken and stirred. This is something that will hit your core, strong enough to create a reaction from you. Don’t dispair.

Keep in mind that sometimes our comfort zones actually hold us from what we’re meant to experience. There are always lessons hiding, especially in darker moments. So ask yourself what possible structure in your life is being torn down, what NEEDS to be torn down in order to start again and improve.

There is a strong transformation that comes from tearing down walls and being open to change. Even if it’s painful or uncomfortable, it will make you stronger and create more space for growth.

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