State of Fulfilment – July 17th 2020

Today is a really good day to focus on the abundance that already existes in your world. Focus on the opportinities that come in, no matter how small or how much the odds seem against it.

There are always things that are working in our favor, but sometimes we might miss them if we’re looking elsewhere. There is abundance all around you, this might not necessarily be financial, but it could be abundance of love, of new beginnings. There is always something we can connect with to elevate our vibration.

Take a moment today, preferably whem starting out today and write down things you can be thankful for, things that have made you smile recently, talks that have filled your heart with love, jobs that give you a sense of security, the progresos you’ve made over the years. I’m sure you can find more than 5 things if you look hard enough.

Some of you may even be receiving good news or a nice circumstance that encourages and motivates you even more. Look for silver linings today.

When we connect to that deep sense of gratitude, it radiates through you, and even if you find yourself facing challenge or obstacles, you may be able to handle them better, knowing that you are sage. You are ok. Everything will be ok.


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