Spread The Love – March 6th 2018

Every day is a great day to let by gones be bygones but with today’s energy, you might be feeling it resonate even more.

Today’s Two of Cups reminds you to open yourself up to love. Not just feeling love for yourself and others but to accept it for yourself as well. Let yourself be love, embrace the support system you have around and be grateful for it. We are never truly alone, so acknowledging this is very empowering and reassuring.

If there’s someone you feel needs some encouraging words from you today, gift them those words. If you need to forgive someone for hurting or having somr sort of conflict with yoi, let love rule and forgive. If you’ve been terribly hard on yourself, show yourself some love and take care of yourself too.

Lead with your heart today and let those high vibrations spread the love far and wide.

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