Soul Wisdom – October 17th 2017

17. Spirit de la Lune
“The Crone Moon connects you to your inner magick and deep wisdom. The soul alchemy churning within as transformation is molding your new path. Connect with your inner Crone to navigate through this journey”
Spirit de la Lune Guidebook.

The profound wisdom we’ve come to gather in our existant life or from our past lives is within us and is now trying to come out to the surface. Today’s energy asks us to tap into that source of knowledge and divine power in order to gain insight and strength.

Every single situation you’ve gone through, ability you’ve mastered, person you’ve encountered or lesson you have learned has had a lesson and a purpose. That divine wisdom can help you shine a light on possible wounds that need to be healed, behavioral patterns that need to be adjusted or maybe even finding new perspectives on something you are having difficulty with.

Open yourself up to signs and messages from wherever they come from today; songs, animals, dreams, numbers, oracle or tarot cards, meditation… anything can carry divine messages from within, as we are always connected to the Universe, even when we don’t feel or notice it.

Let that raw divine power flow through you and guide you through.


The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.

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