Soul Fire – July 8th 2020

With so much inner work, shadow work and overall energy work in the past weeks, it’s natural if some days we may not feel as bright or vibrant than other days.

Today is a good day to think about how you can integrate something you’re truly passionate about into your daily routine and make it a part of your life. Of course if you can do more than one thing that sets your soul on fire, even better! You can gradually start by doing one thing and when you’re ready to, add another and so on. Until your day is filled with activities and habits that make you feel good.

When we are aligning with our soul’s purpose, we feel radiant, our hearts feel full, we feel fulfilled. Yes, even when we might be physically tired, we can still feel joy in our hearts. Ask yourself if there’s something that perhaps you really enjoyed doing at one point in your life, but stopped. What stopped you? Is there a way to reconnect with that feeling now?

The more things we allow ourselves to enjoy, the more we raise our vibration or frequency and this has not only energetic significance but also an impact on the emotional and physical body. When we feel really good inside, it’s more likely to manifest in our bodies and give us an extra bit of energy.

Find something that you find joy in, something that makes you truly laugh (it’s a great way to release tension), something that makes you hopeful and inspired.

Follow your bliss.



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