Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo – August 2017

The solar eclipse is almost here and oh boy! have we felt this event’s energy get closer (I know I have).

Tomorrow’s solar eclipse also coincides with the August New Moon, which makes it an even more intense period (Think Super New Moon!). Leo season began with the new moon on July 23rd, we had The Lion’s Gate Portal on 8-8, and this season ends with this new moon on August 21st. This period brought about a lot of fire, lots of shine and groundwork for some defining moments in everyone’s lives.

The Sun rules Leo in the 5th house and this is a force to be reckoned with; Leo is risk taking, determined, playful, courageous, loyal and quite enthusiastic. On the shadow side, it can get a little self-centered and stubborn. So, we’ve probably felt all of these at some point by now. This is where our personality sparkles from, what makes us tingle and play well with the other houses.

Radical changes are lingering in the atmosphere, life-altering breakthroughs, risk taking, going after what we want and a lot of healing is taking place with this Leo transit alone, not to mention the added intensity and energy of the solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipses are transformational events that push us outside of our boundaries and comfort zones, show us what we’ve been hiding just out of sight. Basically they bring our shadow into the light so it can be transformed, so we can bare our souls, be who we truly are and honor it. This particular eclipse is highlighting what is and isn’t working in our lives so we can move on from it once and for all and go on to bigger, brighter and better things.

This is a powerful time for profound work that could change the course of our lives, a time to detox and purge all areas of our beings; physical, emotional and spiritual. It is the absolute perfect time to cleanse in order to make more space for all that’s coming for us. It’s also a time to be thinking collectively, consciously, not just from ego or a selfish place. We do not exist just as individuals, for we’re all connected and can affect others. This is a time to work on ourselves in order to grow, learn, heal, be more genuine and caring. It’s time to raise our vibrations not just for ourselves, but for the greater good.

Also remember we’re still smack in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde (until September 5th + Shadow Period), so we still won’t have full clarity until Mercury goes direct. Proceed with caution and don’t give way to haste. Patience, let things flow and breathe. Truths will be revealed once the energies have had some time to settle.

During a Solar Eclipse, the vibration and frequency of energies on Earth are affected. Seeing as we are all a part of these vibrational frequencies, we might even be feeling some slight changes or physical reactions (perhaps feeling a little tired, emotional or out of balance), even if they are barely noticeable. Pay attention. Close your eyes and just FEEL. Maybe you’ll even get to raise your vibration by connecting with the energy and recharging yourself in the process. If you’d like to try to work on your 3rd eye Chakra, that might open up new experiences for you.

Final word of advice: Clear baggage, connect to the energy, listen to your body & intuition, feel and observe, but don’t make any big decisions just yet. And also, smile… good things are coming!

I’ll be posting some New Moon Rituals for tomorrow, so stay tuned.



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