Sharp Vision – March 29th

I was beyond excited when I pulled this card for today’s energy reading because this is my Spirit Animal, and its energy is very much present in my life. I’ve even been blessed with physical visits by owls in different places I’ve lived. 

Wisdom, clear sight, and transformation are some of the main things this Spirit Animal energy has brought into my life. 

In the Mayan Solar Calendar, the Owl represents Keme or Kame, one of its 20 energies. Keme is the guardian of the underworld and it’s also associated with death. This energy helps us see clearly in the shadow and aids in navigating in darkness so we don’t feel lost or overwhelmed. It reminds us that even when we cannot see, paths are still present. The owl reminds you today to not despair but expand your vision if you’re navigating through the unknown. Pay attention to even the smallest details for answers. Seek to see things from a higher perspective, and things will become more clear.

When I tell people it’s associated with death, this always creates some sort of discomfort. This is because we tend to associate that word with physical death. But the message really is about change or transformation, end of cycles. It’s here to remind us that endings are also beginnings and that everything in life has a cycle. Is there a significant change or transformation you’re going through? The owl is here to let you know that you are protected and supported by the Spirit World and to not fear the process or re-birth.

The Owl and the energy of Keme are strongly associated with the presence of our ancestors and other wise beings, since they dwell in the veil between life and death. So, if you feel like you need extra support, don’t be afraid to call on them for spiritual assistance.

Lastly, this energy is highly associated with intuition. Premonitions, clairvoyance, channeled messages, or even visions in your mind’s eye are not uncommon to experience when this energy is high. Listen to your instincts and your intuition at this time. Trust that it’s leading you in the right direction.

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