Shadow & Light – February 3rd to 9th

The journey inward never ceases. This I think, we all know by now.

This week we might be turning inward, to embrace our darkness, to fill even the darkest and deepest of creases with love and understanding.

I know it might sound crazy, but bear with me. What would you do if you saw someone in pain, alone, abandoned, feeling powerless, hurt. Would you want to help? Would you have words of encouragement and inspiration? I would assume you would.

Now, a small but powerful visualization excercise… turn inward and find that inner child in your shadows. Are they ok? do they need comfort and love? You know exactly what to say because it’s your most vulnerable self there, with you. Be what you needed in the past, be what you need now. Express it. What would you say to your inner child to help him/her be free of pain? Of guilt? What would you say to let them know they are loved? Free that inner child of any guilt, beliefs or emotions they should not carry anymore. Give your inner child a big hug, hold them and as you do, imagine a green and golden light swirling all around both of you. Feel the space fill with love and warmth. You are ok. We are ok.

It’s time to not be afraid of the shadows. In darkness is where most of life’s greatest creations are gestated. This is where they grow, get stronger and prepare to brace the world, before their birth.

You are about to bring something into your life. Something wonderful, exciting and refreshing! There might be some uncomfortable moments this week, but these are there to provide even more clarity so you can really build solid foundations for what’s to come. The overall energy is still supporting us in creating and manifesting, you are strong and can handle any obstacles that may come.

Mother Earth is taking us into her womb to rest, regenerate and incubate so we can be reborn. We get the opportunity to shed, the more we shed, the more we create space for new energy. Our souls are calling us to this new beginning. Are shadows are what hold the secrets for how to amplify our light.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Use your time well.




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