Set Your Sights Higher – August 7th 2017

How many times have we felt unworthy, undeserving or intimidated by our dreams or goals? I know I have, so many times.

Fear and disappointment can be stronger than we believe but today’s energy pushes us into believing in greatness. With the Full Moon’s energy, we are propelled into making wishes, setting intentions and going for our dreams, no matter how far fetched they might seem.

This message also reminds us to KNOW we are worthy, we deserve love, abundance and above all… happiness. Let’s not let fear take that from us. We are constantly guided by the Universe, it knows what’s in our hearts but we have to ASK for it and be prepared to do the work.

Use this healing and reassuring energy to visualize the life you want, you deserve greatness.

Happy full moon! 🙌🌟

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