September 2018 – Monthly Reading

Hello magical moon children!

The first week of September is here and where has the year gone already? Do you guys feel like time is flying by so fast or is it just me?

We’ve all been through quite a bit this year but we keep charging on, crystals in hand. Here is the general September Tarot reading. The Starchild Tarot resonated with me for this month, so that’s the deck I used for this draw. This reading gives a general overview of the energy/influence of each week. Circumstances will vary in how this affects each and every one of us.

Hope you guys enjoy it! And if you feel like leaving comments or direct messages to share about how it’s going for you or any questions, feel free to do so. I’d love to hear about your experiences.


Week from September 3rd-9th


I feel this week calls us back to the self, to nurture and care for our being; mind, body and soul. This is a great week to really find the beauty that lies within and on the outside. See yourself as the divine being that you are and embody it. Know your worth and don’t negotiate it. Connect with feminine energy (if you’re a male of female!) and the Earth.
Another great practice to incorporate in your life can be to find the beauty that surrounds you every single day. To allow yourself to feel all of the abundance that flows back and forth before our eyes. Let gratitude for all that blooms in your life, sink in.


Week from September 10th-16th


This New Moon leaves you feeling renewed and with a wonderful sense of hope and direction. Yes, there may be some setbacks or delays to your plan of action this week, but they will absolutely not hold you back. After all the inner (and outer) work you’ve done, you are not discouraged easily now, and your will is on HIGH, your motivation is solid and your faith quite strong. Anything that comes up this week, you can handle with grace and patience. If any tense situations come up for you, you’ll be able to resolve it in a way that works for everyone. Keep that vibe high and that energy safe!



Week from September 17th-23rd


This week is all about stepping into your power. Who knows you better than you know yourself? you know your limits, desires, strengths and dreams. No matter how much other people or circumstances want to mold you into something you’re not, stay strong and stay true to your truth, your essence and yourself. You may be feeling quite empowered and a little unapologetic, living how you truly wish to live. Don’t be afraid to voice your truth, communicate from a place of love and kindness so that you can lead by example, not by force or empty words.



Week from September 24th-30th

You may be feeling quite giddy this week! And that is absolutely marvelous! You should be. You’ve overcome, let go, and freed yourself of so much! You’ve come so far from where you once started, so of course it’s natural to pat yourself on the back and let yourself be super proud. This week you might start to notice the effects that your own process has created in your life. and they are wonderful. Get lost in that moment, bask in the pure joy life can bring you in so many different ways. Keep that momentum going as you focus on new things, stay excited and have fun!


If you want more details as to what the month is bringing for you in particular, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with me. If you wish to do so, send me an email to, I’d be happy to read for you!


I hope you have an awesome month!FirmaTMM

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