Sense The Way – November 21st 2017

The energies that surrounded us this past week are still lingering a bit in this one. The Scorpio transformational energt is still quite around.

Things may still be coming into light from shadow for you. Things you may have thought of as resolved might come to the surface, unresolved and fervent. This means that it’s a part of you or your truth that’s been hidden and is hindering your expansion.

Today’s energy however, is about letting things take their natural course, let them flow naturally. There’s only so much you can be in control of. Before taking any action, you must first understand the situation and be clear of it. Be receptive to what’s around but loosen that grip a little. Your intuition will definitely help you out in determining what to do in a certain circumstance.

You are gaining more and more clarity on what your heart desires, the strength you possess and what HAS to be said, acknowledged or released whether you like it or not. Once you see what’s been hidden in the shadow, you will not be able to discard or forget it so easily. But, it’s for a greater good. Your greater good. Embrace the shift.

– Moon Siren 

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