Scorpio New Moon – November 2018

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The Scorpio New Moon bestows transformative and healing influences on us.

A lot has been going on in this particular sign; Jupiter being in Scorpio for a while, Venus retrograding in this sign, and now this powerful lunation also urging us to dive beneath the surface and stirring things up from the depths of ourselves. These shifts have not only been felt on an emotional or spiritual plane. Physical symptoms of this can also be insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling scattered or low on energy. Maybe some of you have even been feeling less social than usual, whether in real life or social media. Your body’s digestive system might also be showing unusual or irregular activity.

The previous lunar transits have been somewhat difficult as well, sudden or unexpected changes might have rocked your foundation, I know. But all is in divine timing and purpose. Every single thing we’ve been through in the past, has led to this particular moment, to these particular lessons. Now is the time to reclaim you personal power and strength.

With New Moons, the energy has a more inward focus, rather than the outward focus of Full Moons and other transits. This particular New Moon, to me, feels like an ideal moment in time to REALLY use that inward focus to create and plan ahead. Not in a practical and disciplinary way, but in a heartfelt, objective and intuitive manner. Usually New Moons carry a feel of the merging of the old/new; transformation, death and rebirth.

We’re all used to being comfortable in the light, away from the shadows. We feel excited about new beginnings and rebirths, and somehow forget that the universal law is death before rebirth. Sometimes this is how we cope and deal with things, looking over the death part, because it’s usually painful or uncomfortable. However, it’s not always a good idea to shriek away from darkness hoping it will go away on its own. Our darkness is as much a part of ourselves as the light is. Understanding, accepting and showing gratitude for this is one of the many ways of achieving balance and harmony in our lives and with the outside world.

As many of you might already know by now, Scorpio is not uncomfortable in darkness. As a matter of fact, that’s its turf. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been able to identify triggers or patterns that you didn’t even know you had, perhaps emotions or thoughts you thought were gone by now, suddenly lurking from the depths.

As I’ve said in other articles or posts, these energies don’t just show up and disappear on the date when the transits take place, remember that it’s not a linear motion. These transits sometimes act as a starting point, a wake up call or a transition in your life. Just as the moon slowly shifts from one phase to another, you might not be feeling the effects today or tomorrow alone. This moment, and its energies will move profoundly within and around you for some time. Perhaps the triggers or issues that surface will not be resolved in a week or two, but they can start a healing process that is much-needed in your life and will most definitely help you align your life with what resonates for you.

Your intuition is a powerful tool given to you by the Universe for your life. It’s there to be your soul’s internal compass, meant to guide and take you on your soul’s journey. Listen to it now, try to reduce external noise, just as much as the noise of your own mind. Quiet yourself enough so you can truly listen to your soul. I’m sure you, deep down, already know what you cannot continue to ignore, to block, to give into. I know you have a sense of what things seem superficially comfortable, but make you uncomfortable or limit you on a higher level. It’s perfectly ok to know and still feel like you can’t handle the change or aren’t strong enough, don’t be too hard on yourself. We’re all doing the best we can. Just be honest with yourself, listen to your own truth.

Tapping into your emotions means tapping into your heart, opening it and feeling all the feels. This is a wonderful moment to work with forgiveness, clearing of ancestral patterns or trauma. Letting go, I feel, is also a strong call to action with this Scorpio New Moon. I do however, feel the need to share an example as to why I believe “letting go” doesn’t mean “getting rid of”.

For example, there’s a person in your life who hurt you so deeply, that pain still resides in you, in the shadows. Thanks to this circumstance, you have triggers and reactions from time to time. You’ve identified those triggers and now want to be at peace with them by letting it go so they don’t affect your life in ways you don’t want them to.

Releasing doesn’t necessarily mean – “you hurt me, now I need to get rid of you”, releasing means parting ways with the pain, letting the effects of that circumstance go so they no longer have a hold on you, whether conscious or subconscious. Of course, each situation is different for every person. In some cases, it does require physically distancing from someone as well as that energetic clearing. Every person will know the best way to handle their own case. All I’m saying, is that if you truly feel like someone holds value for you in your life but they’ve hurt you, you can let go of the pain in order to heal and nurture that relationship. Letting go doesn’t always mean cutting all cords.

For me, this Scorpio New Moon is as much about a cycle ending as it is about a new one beginning. All of this illuminating and clearing that has been present this year, has made space and gotten things into gear for what’s coming next (in planetary transits and in our daily lives). This is the time to be crystal clear about what you want, how you want it and why. Expansion is coming, are you ready to open up to it?

It’s time to create your reality, but in order to prepare you for the task, the Universe had to make sure you’re clearing out old patterns and subconscious triggers and reactions. Powerful manifesting portals and alignments are on the horizon, which will potentialize any intentions that you set now. So, I ask, what would you be doing if you weren’t held back? What in your life needs to transform to build a better foundation for what you want to see in your life? What daily routines and habits are contributing to improving/hindering your intentions down the road?

This is a time when renewal and rebirth is possible. Anything can change if that’s your will. The yard has been clearing throughout the year so you can plant the seeds of your intentions and begin to watch that garden grow ad flourish during this 6-month cycle that ends on the Scorpio Full Moon in 2019.

Remember that how this Scorpio New Moon will affect you on an individual level depends on its placement in your birth chart, so this article is my intuitive summary of the collective energy available.


If you’re in the mood for a ritual to work with the surrounding energy, here are a few wonderful ones you can look into:

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Allow yourself to be the Phoenix, and rise…


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