Scorpio New Moon – November 2017

Scorpio New Moon

Holy shift guys! phew!

I’m not sure it’s been me feeling a little drained from the intensity going on around with this Scorpio Season or if it’s not just individual shifts happening, but also a collective shift too. May be both.

I think a lot of us already know that Scorpio can BE defined by the word INTENSE. This New Moon not only brings the opportunity for new beginnings and planting the seeds you want to harvest in your life for your future, but it brings a transformational power surge shooting right through your very core. This is not going to be 100% pleasant.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld. This means a lot of what’s going on has either been hiding from the surface or is STILL under the surface and is now ready to come up and be transmuted. Scorpio is all about transformation, regeneration, abundance, well-being, depth and yes, sexual energy too.

That being said, it is quite possible that with this New Moon, you will be finding new or different perspectives, that will allow you to turn situations and emotions into things you hadn’t even thought of yet. Perhaps re-discovering or re-igniting an interest in something or someone you thought you had no interest in anymore. Take your time to observe and use your discernment to act on it. Feel it out.

This is a good time to reconnect with your sensual or sexual energy whether you have a partner or not. To be and feel sexy, does not necessarily mean another person is in the picture. Is there something that has been blocking this part of your life? What really makes you feel this spark through your blood and body? Are you using this energy to distract yourself from a deeper issue?

Waves of change have been gaining momentum for quite a few months now. This is the moment where they will wash over you. Ready or not. You’ve probably also been noticing a higher occurrence of synchronicities and/or messages from the Universe. This is a STRONG reminder to TRUST in it and LET GO of what needs to be let go of. Manifestation can be possible now but only if you’re courageous and confident enough as to believe in it. Release ego and attachment, embrace higher consciousness and divine purpose.

Whatever area this major shift might affect (love, career, family, wealth, etc.), you can be sure that it will make you confront YOUR truth and those things that block, derail or harm it. The veil is no longer in front of your eyes, and even if you try to see the other way, you will still feel that shadow close enough as to want to do something about it. Your intuition may be on high too, this is your own inner voice trying to be heard, leading you into bigger and better things. It’s only when you deny your truth or a part of yourself, that you become your own obstacle. Sometimes even tricking yourself into thinking it’s some thing or someone else’s fault. This New Moon bares it all, as it is. No Bull****.

Have no fear, don’t let it stick to you. It really IS a powerful time to manifest what you want, but you also will have very clear sight on what you don’t want. Use both to create the life you dream of. The Universe is listening and if you honor your truth and your own process, all will come in due time.

Also, if it all gets to be just a little too much, it’s ok. You don’t have to pretend you’re a superhero that can’t be affected or afflicted. Don’t block your emotions, let them flow but deal with them. If your mind, heart or spirit feel on overdrive, remember you can ALWAYS take a few deep breaths, quiet and soothe them. After all, balance is achieved when all are aligned. Don’t neglect your body, listen to it, observe it and it will also hold valuable information as what may be going on beneath the surface.

Unfortunately, because of how this shift has been affecting me in my personal journey, I was not able to create a special ritual or spread for this lunar phase, as much as I was dreaming up ideas already. That’s ok, I too, am trying to embrace change here with the least resistance possible. HOWEVER, I did find some other rituals created and inspired by other lovely soul sisters, so I suggest you read on.

Courtesy of @themoondeck

Did you know that your brain cannot hold fear and gratitude in its awareness at the same time?
The antidote to overwhelm and fear can be accessed through intentional practice.
Filling up on gratitude during the cycle of the new moon, a potent time for new beginnings, sets the stage to let this powerful emotion lead the way. 

To bring a deeper sense of gratitude into your life, try this practice inspired by The Moon Deck
Begin on either today or tomorrow to tap into the highest energetic potency of the new moon.

1. Choose a favorite piece of jewelry as your personal gratitude “charm.”
On day one, hold your charm and infuse it with your deepest gratitudes. 
2. Everyday for a chosen number of days (we recommend 28 until the next new moon)
write one thing that you are grateful for and put it in a jar. 
3. On the last day, empty out the jar and spend some time reading through all that you listed.
Allow whatever emotions to float into your awareness.
Acknowledge that you’re in the powerful presence of gratitude.

For Gypsy Art’s Crystal Elixir Ritual, check here.

For Ruby Warrington and Alexandra Roxo’s Shadow Play Ritual, check here.

And last but not least, Foreverconscious and their Salt Scrub Ritual, right here.

As always, here are some of the spreads that resonated most with me for this particular New Moon in Scorpio:

The Curious Cardslinger
New Moon Spreads-2

Gypsy Arts’
Scorpio New Moon Tarot Spread

Moon Mama Medium’s
Scorpio New Moon - Moon Mamma Medium


May this phase bring you the life your heart longs for.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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