Scorpio Full Moon – May 2020

In a few hours the full moon will be at its maximum point and this time it brings us to the deep waters of scorpio energy.

Transmutation, liberation, transformation and sensuality are some of the themes that this moon brings for us, so there is a lot to talk about.

Like every full moon, it closes a 6-month cycle (which begins with each new moon in the same sign) so it is a point of completion or endings. Adding to this, the same light that sheds light on the moon will also be brought to the depths of the subconscious or what may lie hidden in shadows.

This is one of the themes we may be dealing with. Bringing light into the shadow can be intimidating or uncomfortable, but it is necessary to face certain patterns, wounds or issues that we have hidden for a long time. It doesn’t come come in to just be seen, but this energy gives us the opportunity to see, recognize and transmute them into something different. Letting go of those things we need to release, to lighten, even a little, the load that perhaps we have been carrying for a while. It’s time. Release.

This endings energy may be felt by each one of us differently since we all experience collective energies on a personal level in a different way.

Scorpio is a water sign, so it is closely related or associated with emotions and its vast breadth. So we may be experiencing all kinds of emotions right now, however, it won’t feel as erratic, intense yes, but not erratic. Passionate? hell yes. Remember the May Reading and the card for the first week? PASSION.

If there has been something that we have been feeling stagnant or blocked in, now is the time to shed a little light on that part to be able to go through it. Releasing and freeing up space takes courage, it is NOT easy but many times in life, it’s necessary. The coming energies of the year will require us to be lighter in order to go where we need to go.

We must also bear in mind that every ending brings a new beginning. Everything in life, and in the universe has a life cycle. For some issues in our lives, that cycle has come to an end and we have to move forward, acknowledging the growth and possible lessons it has brought, with gratitude.

There is a lot of understanding and kindness with this moon, a lot of compassion, intuition and a great flow of creativity. Our instincts will be in full force during this time, so it’s super important to listen to them, just watch out for the reactions that may come from our shadow. Precisely because scorpio energy can make us feel more vulnerable, reactive or defensive. Remember understanding, compassion and patience. If you feel that you can be overloaded with other people’s emotions or energies, you can always protect your energy. Always.

Another important aspect of this full moon in Scorpio is the sensual energy of this sign. Sultry, smoldering, mysterious and MAGNETIC.

It’s an ideal time to reconnect with our sensuality. Let’s take a moment to touch base on how we let this energy express itself through us, both sensuality and sexuality. This energy is highly magnetic, so don’t be surprised if you notice that other people also notice that magnetism in you. Exploring and playing with these energies could be very beneficial at this time.

So, let us remember that within us lies a profound depth that hides many treasures, pearls and diamonds. Let’s not be afraid to explore places where we have not been able to go before, within. If you need or are looking for a transformation in your life, this is a very good energy that will support you with that. If you still need with letting go or releasing, you can channel Goddess Kali-Ma’s energy to help you build up the courage and strength to let go of what you have to release.

Stay wild, moonchild.


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