Sacrifice – July 6th 2020

We’re beginning a new week just after the powerful Capricorn Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse. These energies don’t just disappear from one day to the next, so we may find ourselves still wrapped up in them today. We’ve been thinking quite a bit on how and where we wish to move forward, and by now we know certain things cannot remain the same.

Today’s message from the Oracle of the Mermaids brings up an important thing for us to question: Sacrifices. There are those that are made for a greater good, with a higher purpose, those that are made to choose longevity over immediate gratification, and those we make where we end up sacrificing ourselves or a part of ourselves.

This card is a really strong reminder to really consider every single thing when you come to a point where a decision has to be made that includes some sort of sacrifice. There needs to be a lot of introspection to find whether or not it serves a higher purpose or if this sacrifice comes from external pressure or expectations. Any sacrifice we make, needs to serve a higher purpose, it needs to be for our greater good and not something that can fracture us and leave us feeling robbed or defeated.

The difference between these two CHOICE. When we choose to make a sacrifice, we ourselves can determine whether or not the result will be beneficial in the long run for us, we have the power. When we feel we have been made to sacrifice something and it does not come from a personal, thought out choice, it can hinder and hurt our self and our process, we give our power away. I feel that the key to this, not matter how boring it is, is to think things over and let your higher self lead the way. Consider all possibilites and impacts any decisions may have on yourself and others.

I know it can be hard to give up what we want in the moment, but sometimes, what we get from making small or hard sacrifices in the present builds something even more beautiful than what we could have gotten as an immediate thing.

Ask yourself how and where sacrifices need to be made in your life, and are they worth it? Another question this card brought to my heart was: Where am I sacrificing myself or a part of mysef? Is it worth it? is it my choice?

I hope you all have a great start to your week, and remember to breathe through this week!




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