Sacred Emotions – September 6th 2017

As I asked about the energy surrounding us today, these 3 beautiful cards jumped out and I feel they totally resonate.

The Svadhisthana chakra is associated with Pisces, and is associated with relationships, creativity, emotions, fantasies and sexuality. This chakra teaches us about polarities or opposites in life. Masculine & femenine, positive & negative. This card resonates a lot with the Virgo-Pisces opposition and Neptune influence in place right now. This card to me, represents what is being asked to be worked on today; our emotional being.
Take a moment today to go within. When your mind is silent think if you are enjoying life fully. If you’re not just yet, ask yourself why and see what comes up.

If you’re doing a Full Moon ritual today, include some mantras or affirmations in your meditation to potentialize what you’re trying to bring into (or cut out of) your life. Affirmations and mantras are very powerful.

Honor your own sacred space, you know what resonates with you the most so let your creativity flow with this one. You can include some Sandalwood, patchouli, orange, rose and ylang-ylang essential oils in your ritual or citrine, carnelian, orange calcite, and other orange stones to heal and unblock the 2nd chakra.

Full Moon blessings to all!

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